About SobatKental.com

SobatKental.com is the website contains writings on friendship, love and lifestyle, especially related to youngster lives.

This website originally intended as a portal to find friends. Therefore this website has a search friends feature. Of course it must be a member. After registering, you can login. After login, you can search for friends who want, can a boy or a girl.

This search friends feature is still running, please click here to be able to use it.

Now the website SobatKental.com becomes blog. The access to so that all will be directly redirected here, http://blog.sobatkental.com. Yet the old versions still runs and can be accessed. But to see it go right into the folders of each version. For example: If you want to use the search friends feature go to version 3.5.

Hopefully this change for the better and useful to readers. Thank you for still visiting the website SobatKental.com.

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